Jul 3, 2014

“I often think that sometimes I wish things didn’t work. Because in this business, the production of parts is almost always in a hurry. You know that yourself! And therefore, urgency means that there is little time to finalise the parts and get them out. Hence my initial thought, sometimes I wish I didn’t have the resources to find the solution, but every time, it works! And I have to say that it makes me angry, smile too but still angry! I have come to the conclusion that this job involves suffering and that this suffering is almost beneficial. I did say almost! “

D., jeweller for 35 years

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Several years ago, I was working in a company and we had carried out research to put together a collection for an important company. In this collection, we had to incorporate feathers in the designs. An interesting challenge. We found the supplier, made selections of feathers that could be...