About me

Marie Chabrol

marie chabrol

Photo by Wlad Simitch at Un bijou pour Noël, November 2017

About me

Marie Chabrol

The story begins in the spring of 2001, following an appointment in a small business in the 9th arrondissement of Paris, my life will change. It was after this immersion that I decided to take my first step into the world of jewelry as a polisher. Fascinating universe that I will never leave…

Hello, my name is Marie and I am a writer passionate about my sector of activity. Writing has been with me for several years, but it took a more significant place in my daily life in the mid-2000s. It was at this time that I began to write articles on an ad hoc basis for specialized magazines and the general public (Rapaport, InColor, JDD, Le Pays Lorrain, etc.).

At the end of 2013, I decided to put my enthusiasm and my knowledge at the service of others. Therefore, I am convinced, writing is for me the ideal way to share my knowledge and help those interested to better understand this multi-faceted and captivating universe, so it is quite naturally that “Le Gemmologue” sees the day.

Over time, thanks to this blog, I had the great pleasure of collaborating with talented actors, such as the auction house Tajan, Aguttes or ARP Paris.

Today speaker, consultant & trainer in Gemmology, the passion has not dried up and the blog has kept its first vocation: to reflect with passion my professional activities. So that my content is accessible to all, I approach with interest and in all simplicity legal aspects, the latest jewelry collections, the world of precious stones, and other “favorite” subjects.

The most important for me? Putting the spotlight on women and men who perpetuate exceptional know-how. Jewelers, setters, polishers, designers or lapidaries, lend themselves to the interview game, the time of a meeting, to express with their words and their sensitivity, what makes this profession so endearing. I hope their story will make you love the world of jewelry as much as I do!

Good visit, but above all good reading!


For any request for expertise or collaboration, do not hesitate to contact me by email on marie@legemmologue.com or via the contact form.