An abundant and magnified nature at Chaumet

Jul 9, 2016

The naturalist theme has been part of the Chaumet high jewellery codes since the company was founded at the end of the 18th century. But it is remarkable to see year after year how the design studio reinvents itself by offering ever more beautiful and ever more technical pieces.

For this new opus, the laurel, the ear of wheat, the lily or the oak offer a dazzling journey populated by remarkable gemstones. Claire Devé-Rakoff, the Artistic Director of the house since 2012, takes us on a journey to meet a benevolent, opulent and constantly renewed nature. Buds, leaves, fruits and flowers in full bloom punctuate this new collection.

The choice of colours is audacious, the associations of gems astonishing (and a special mention for the stones service concerning the origins and which plays the game of an exemplary transparency) and the treatment of the metal is not left out with oppositions matte metal / shiny metal but also the presence of rhodium plating of different shades (white, brown or black) which give a great modernity and thus allow several levels of reading on the pieces. I therefore propose to discover (in addition to what seduced me during the visit and which I shared with you on Instagram) some of the most emblematic pieces of the new collection.


“Champs de lumière” ring in white gold, set with a 5.86 ct Padparadscha cushion cut sapphire from Madagascar and brilliant cut diamonds. Photo : Chaumet


Summer offerings” necklace in white gold, set with a 5.64 ct DFL Type IIA pear-shaped diamond and brilliant-cut diamonds. Photo : Chaumet

chène 2

Promesse de l’aube” ring in white gold, set with a 16.13 ct cushion-cut indicolite tourmaline, a round mandarin garnet, round pink sapphires and brilliant-cut diamonds. Photo : Chaumet


Eternal foliage” earrings in white gold, set with two oval diamonds, one DVVS1 of 1.54 cts, the other DVVS2 of 1.51 cts, two DIF and EVVS brilliant-cut diamonds for 0.70 ct and brilliant-cut diamonds. Photo : Chaumet


Convertible “Celestial Roots” long necklace in white gold, set with seven oval pink and violet spinels of 10.94, 8.40, 6.81, 6.80, 6.53, 5.29 and 1.87 cts, freshwater cultured pearls, oval and round pink spinels, round pink sapphires and brilliant-cut diamonds This long necklace can be transformed into two shorter necklaces. Photo : Chaumet


Metamorphoses of Daphne” brooch in white gold, set with five oval pink spinels from Tajikistan of 2.72, 1.96, 1.88, 1.86 and 1.83 cts and brilliant-cut diamonds. Photo : Chaumet

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