Jun 1, 2024

Gucci has just presented its new high-end jewellery collection. While spring has been a long time coming, we are now entering the collection season. Several houses have already begun to unveil substantial ensembles, and it seems that Italy is favoured for the grandiose events dedicated to these launches. Dior has chosen Florence and Gucci has just chosen the Oscar Niemeyer Auditorium in Ravello on the Amalfi Coast to unveil 140 sumptuous pieces featuring gem materials as gourmand as Grandfuittino.
The view from the garden of Villa Ruffolo. Photo: Expedia

For its new collection, the Italian house is taking us on a tour of a sumptuous Italian garden. Perhaps you’ll see in the rooms a discreet evocation of the marvellous garden of Villa Ruffolo, which, overlooking the sea, is – perhaps – one of the most wonderful places to visit on the Italian coast. The Ravello Auditorium, designed by the famous Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer, was commissioned in 2000 and built in 2011. Situated on a slope 365 metres above sea level, it offers breathtaking views and is ideal for hosting particularly grandiose events.

Called “Labitinri Gucci”, the collection is based on three themes: symmetry or ordered beauty, geometric splendour and nature in full bloom. And it’s a success. The pieces are technical, opulent, joyful, Italian in short. This is not the first time that the theme of gardens has been used by jewellers, who have made naturalist inspiration a key theme in their jewellery creations: Mellerio took us to Lake Maggiore, Chaumet has delighted us since its creation by sublimating nature into delicate jewels, but above all it would be a crime not to mention the‘Giardinetto‘ rings, which offered charming and oh-so-romantic miniatures.

The House of Gucci has succeeded in offering a coherent collection in cheerful colours, where the double G in its logo evokes the name of the brand as much as the word “gem”, so numerous, so tangy and so fabulous are the gems in this new opus that the House can no longer be ignored in the small world of fine jewellery!

Speaking of gems, you can’t miss a magnificent 56.37-carat oval-cut green tourmaline, a 28.07-carat spinel, a 53.25-carat lagoon tourmaline and a fascinating 19.68-carat Ethiopian opal, a rare 20.45-carat Paraiba tourmaline, a 62.58-carat Santa Maria aquamarine from Brazil, a 60.89-carat tanzanite of pure, deep blue or – the masterpiece – a 113.35-carat drop-cut green tourmaline. A tour de force!

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