Chaumet and Boucheron: when historical heritage illuminates the new collections

Feb 1, 2017

Fashion week, the presentations followed one another and trends emerged during these few days. Amongst these, I really appreciated the stylistic choices of two great names of the Place Vendôme: Boucheron and Chaumet, who initiated two collections inspired by drawings and jewels kept in the Heritage departments: respectively “Lierre de Paris” and “Insolence”, two very successful collections.

At Boucheron, a drawing without further mention representing an Ivy necklace and dating from 1881 gave rise to the creation of this one. White gold and diamonds make up a cascade of ivy leaves, the manufacture of which required more than 1,600 hours of work, since the leaves are mounted in “trembleuse”, a special technique that gives a very gentle oscillation to certain elements of a jewel. In addition to two important secret watches, there are also rings, earrings and a lighter necklace for an airy and light collection for which the company created a superb setting, covering the walls of its private salons with ivy, giving the impression that nature had, for a few days, taken over the city. Focus!

Lierre de Paris Question Mark Necklace

Diamond-paved necklace on white gold. Photo: Boucheron

Lierre de Paris Double Ring

Diamond-paved hand ring on white gold. Photo: Boucheron

Lierre de Paris Watch 3 rows

Lierre de Paris” secret watch in white gold and diamonds. Photo : Boucheron

Lierre de Paris Necklace (high jewelry)

Diamond-paved necklace, on white gold. Photo: Boucheron

At Chaumet, the house started with two historical pieces: a drawing from 1895 representing a bodice front and a bow brooch from 1922. This motif, dear to the sentimental jewels that have been the house’s trademark since its creation, is here declined in pieces in pink and white gold, set only with diamonds. It is the ribbon of the dress, the one used to tie the hair or perhaps the one of the corset… It is also the cheeky ribbon that is untied in the intimacy of the seduction games of each one’s imagination. Photographer Karen Collins was chosen to stage this collection through visuals of great sensuality. A collection that really seduced me and that I suggest you discover.


Drawing of a brooch around 1895 by Joseph Chaumet. Photo : Chaumet


Gold, silver, diamond and fine pearl baroque corsage, circa 1922, Chaumet Collection. Photo: Chaumet


Haute Joaillerie earrings in white and pink gold, brilliant-cut diamonds. Photo: Karen Collins for Chaumet


Haute Joaillerie necklace in white and pink gold, brilliant-cut diamonds. photo: Chaumet


White and pink gold ring with brilliant-cut diamonds. photo: Karen Collins for Chaumet


Haute Joaillerie ring in white and pink gold with brilliant-cut diamonds. photo: Chaumet


Haute Joaillerie earrings in white and rose gold with brilliant-cut diamonds. photo: Karen Collins for Chaumet

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