Piaget goes Italian

Jul 9, 2017

This year’s fashion week was largely dedicated to Italy and several houses worked and proposed their own visions of this country through very colourful and joyful creations. The Swiss company Piaget – with Sunlight Journey – chose to draw inspiration from the colours of the Amalfi coast with its typical small villages clinging to the cliffs in a series of pieces set with smaller stones creating almost the illusion of mosaics. The centre stones are increasingly qualitative. The company has chosen to move upmarket and it is a real pleasure to discover the perfect gems sourced by the manufacture’s gemologists and buyers: a 45.99 ct star sapphire on a sautoir and a 20.14 ct star sapphire on another necklace, a black opal weighing almost 9 carats on a watch, dials in the same material on several other timepieces, and imposing yellow diamonds on several pieces, including one weighing 11.85 carats that took eight months of research.

Somewhere on the Amalfi Coast…. Photo: Celebritours.

In addition to the stones, Piaget has called on artisans with remarkable skills to create Métiers d’Art pieces. For example, the feather-maker Nelly Saunier once again collaborated with the company to design luminous feather marquetry, while the Maitre d’Art Isabelle Emmerique proposed a dial in eggshell mosaic on gold leaf, Anita Porchet – a renowned grand feu enameller – contributed to several watches with dials of great finesse, and the Atelier Cesare Bella was involved in the creation of micro-mosaics featuring bougainvillea flowers for an Altiplano high jewellery watch, finally, Rose Saneuil has created marquetry of precious woods combining new materials such as white or black Tahitian mother-of-pearl, sycamore, parchment, bird’s eye maple, hornbeam, beech and tulip tree. I think it’s great that, in an industry that cultivates secrecy, the craftsmen involved in the creation of this very beautiful collection are mentioned and highlighted by Piaget.

I propose you to discover the pieces that I liked the most during the presentation that took place in the boutique of the rue de paix. Beware of the bright colours on the programme!

Viva l’Arte ring in pink gold 750 with red spinels, purple sapphires, diamonds and feather marquetry. Photo: Chaumet

Blue Shore watch, 750 white gold cuff with engraving, lapis lazuli dial, Piaget 56P quartz movement. Photo: Piaget

Altiplano Aquatic Maze watch in 750 white gold – 40 mm, 750 white gold case, wood and straw marquetry dial, Manufacture Piaget 830P, ultra-thin mechanical movement, blue alligator strap, 750 white gold pin buckle, limited edition of 8 pieces. Photo: Piaget

Celestial Bluenecklace in 750 white gold with 1 oval star sapphire from Ceylon (approx. 45.94 cts), blue sapphires, diamonds and feather marquetry. Photo : Piaget

Viva l’Arte earrings in 750 pink gold with red and pink spinels, pink sapphires, spessartite garnets and diamonds. Photo: Piaget

Verde Bisazza watch, cuff in white gold 750 with 156 baguette emeralds (approx. 12.48 cts), 43 baguette diamonds (approx. 4.73cts) and 100 brilliant diamonds (approx. 7.40 cts) and 23 black opals (2.90 cts), black opal dial, Piaget 56P quartz movement, unique piece. Photo : Piaget

Sunlight Journey necklace in red, rose and yellow gold 750 and platinum 950 with 1 pear-shaped red spinel from Tanzania (approx. 10.09 cts), 1 cushion yellow diamond (FVY-VS2) (approx. 6.63 cts) 1 brilliant diamond (F-VVS2) (approx. 0.80 cts), red spinels, yellow diamonds and diamonds. Photo : Piaget

Altiplano Paper Flower watch in 750 white gold, case in 750 white gold with 48 baguette diamonds (approx. 1.63 cts) and 280 brilliant diamonds (approx. 1.53 cts), micro-mosaic dial, Piaget Manufacture 430P, ultra-thin mechanical movement, white alligator leather strap, buckle in 750 white gold with 23 brilliant diamonds (approx. 0.04 ct), limited edition of 3 pieces. Photo: Piaget

Faraglioni” earrings in 750 rose gold, with 6 black opals (39.48 cts), Paraiba tourmalines and diamonds. Photo : Piaget

Sunlight Journey ring in 750 pink gold with 1 cushion yellow diamond (FVY-VS2) (approx. 4.02 cts), pink spinels, yellow and colourless diamonds. Photo : Piaget

Azzurro Bisazza necklace in 750 white gold with 1 Ceylon emerald cut blue sapphire (approx. 20.14 cts), blue sapphires, black opals and diamonds. Photo : Piaget

Viva l’Arte cuff in pink gold 750 with 1 cushion pink-violet spinel (approx. 6.68 cts), red and pink spinels, pink sapphires, spessartite garnets and diamonds. Photo : Piaget

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