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Feb 26, 2019

If ever there was an exciting exhibition of jewellery at the start of 2019, it’s the one that runs until 30 March 2019 at Galerie La Joaillerie Par Mazlo. Gioielli in Fermento invites you to look at jewellery in a different way, questioning it in all its complexity and asking the question of the transformation of materials in a very intelligent way. How, why and by what means do we manage to turn them into miniature works of art that question our relationship with jewellery? A joyful and intoxicating wine journey that I can only invite you to take and that I was lucky enough to discover in the company of the exhibition curator, Eliana Negroni. Cheers!

Gioielli in fermento

CORRADO DE MEO “THE COLORS OF THE NIGHT (GREEN)”. Brooch, 2018. Polystyrene, acrylic paint, resin, silver. Photo: La Joaillerie by Mazlo

Gioielli in fermento

CEDRIC CHEVALLEY “WHAT ARE WE REALLY SHOWING OFF?”. Brooch, 2018. Skateboard wood, silver. Photo: La Joaillerie par Mazlo

When you meet Eliana Negroni, you meet Italy, or at least what makes up the imagination of this country: a huge smile, a communicative joie de vivre, a singing accent that reconciles you with life and, above all, gestures as big as her enthusiasm to tell you about this beautiful project that is Gioielli In Fermento. Born in 1966 in Milan into a family of master engravers, it was only later – in 1998 – that she decided to train in the art of goldsmithing and join the family workshop.

Gioielli in fermento

ANNAMARIA ZANELLA “BACCO”. Necklace, 2012. Iron, magnets, enamel, gold plating. Photo: La Joaillerie by Mazlo

Gioielli in fermento

LLUIS COMIN “BARCINO 8”. Bracelet, 2017 (from the Barcino series). Silver, gold, copper, Montjuic jasper. Photo: Jewellery by Mazlo

Since 2009 and her move to Emilia-Romagna, the Italian wine region if ever there was one, she has been imagining a project weaving correspondences between jewellery creation and the transformation of grapes into wine. Since 2011, the competition has offered a different perspective on contemporary jewellery. With the presence of big names in the sector and widely recognised artists, Gioielli in Fermento has earned its credentials and a very good reputation among an ever-growing audience.

Gioielli in fermento

MIA KWON “FULL OF EMPTYNESS”. Necklace, 2018. Mont Blanc porcelain, pigment, glass, link. Photo: La Joaillerie by Mazlo

Gioielli in fermento

ADAM HAWK “VALIDATION”. Brooch, 2018. Copper, silver, enamel. Photo: La Joaillerie par Mazlo

The Mazlo gallery will also host a selection of pieces presented since the creation of the competition for a month and a half before the presentation of the 2019 vintage at Joya (Barcelona). It should prove to be a tasty one! In the meantime, take a walk in the 6th arrondissement of Paris to discover the pieces of Fabrizio Tridenti, Mia Kwon, Juano Garcia Martin, Sébastien Carré, Gigi Mariani or Barbara Uderzo. I really liked the confrontation of materials and inspirations. And the Gallery offers a setting worthy of the pieces and the complexity of their creation. Not to be missed!

Gioielli in fermento

GIANCARLO MONTEBELLO “OVER”. Ring, 2016. Gold, rhodium-plated silver, steel. Photo: La Joaillerie by Mazlo

Gioielli in fermento

CLARA DEL PAPA “IMPETUS”. Bracelet, 2014. Silver, keum boo, enamel, balsamic vinegar fire oxidations. Photo: La Joaillerie par Mazlo

See you soon!


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