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Mar 1, 2017


I am sure that many of you have already asked yourselves questions when you discover antique jewellery in boxes, the history and value of which you sometimes do not know and which you cannot imagine wearing. The pieces are old, sometimes damaged or out of fashion. They are nevertheless often precious: gold, silver, diamonds, coloured stones, but it is above all the sentimental value that prevents us from parting with them. And when we want to, we don’t always know who to turn to…


The entire Diamantiques team: Étienne, Anne, Marie, Magali and Audrey. Photo: Diamantiques

That’s why I found the concept of diamantiques. com interesting. Last November, I had the pleasure to meet the team of the house during a presentation evening. And more particularly the experts Anne Pellerin and Magali Teisseire at the head of this particularly dynamic young structure. Both of them, auctioneers and rich of a long experience in the sector of the auctions had the desire to initiate through the site a set of complementary services in order to answer at best the expectations of their customers:

-To appraise the jewels which are presented to them and to give a documented expertise. As independent experts specialised in jewellery, they both intervene for several auction houses in Paris and in the region. Two possibilities are offered to you: an e-valuation (free) on photo and online directly on the site to estimate your property or a documented expertise to sell the property through them. A mandate contract will then be given to the seller.

-Sell the jewels and watches that are presented to them (and after expertise) via the website or via a public sale according to the owner’s wish.


Project of modification of an antique cameo. Photo : Diamantiques

But it is also the“Precious recycling” service that I found particularly interesting. Let me explain: the team has teamed up with Audrey Barbier, Creative Director in high jewellery, to offer a service for transforming your antique jewellery in connection with its valuation. The objective is to know the value of the piece and to consider another way of wearing it that does not denature the object through an inappropriate transformation that could alter its value. For this purpose, the house calls upon Parisian workshops specialised in the transformation and restoration of antique pieces.


Pair of silver, garnet and cultured pearl earrings. Russian work from the 1970s, which will be sold shortly at public auction. Photo: ©MarieChabrol/legemmologue

If your jewellery box contains some wonders that you are wondering about, I advise you to contact Anne and Magali. They will be happy to receive you, to give you answers to your questions and to guide you. Do not hesitate to contact them!

+33 (0)1 42 33 41 44

See you soon!

See you soon !


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