An incredible Lalique collection at auction

Sep 20, 2017

Far from the Burmese rubies, Colombian emeralds and Kashmir sapphires that will begin to populate the autumn and winter sales catalogues, there are the signatures sought after by collectors, some of which achieve impressive scores when they appear in sales. René Lalique is one of these admired and sought-after jewellers. I don’t need to introduce him anymore and his pieces are often particularly sublime.

To see a few pieces in a catalogue is one thing, but to see a complete collection dispersed in one piece is something else. This is what will happen on 13 November in Geneva, where 110 pieces, including 47 pieces of Lalique jewellery, will be offered to buyers from around the world by Christie’s.

The collection was assembled by a wealthy European couple who were remarkably well advised in their acquisitions. They began buying pieces in the 1970s and many of them came from the renowned gallery of Michel Perinet. Established in 1956, he was one of the first to sense the appeal of Art Nouveau pieces at a time when people were quicker to destroy and melt them than to preserve them. Lalique – whose short production period was between 1898 and 1906 – was soon to become one of his favourite artists and an obvious choice for his clients.

The couple, collectors of paintings, gradually turned to jewellery. After Art Nouveau, they bought Art Deco pieces as well as pieces by famous designers: Fouquet, Gaillard, Boivin and Cartier. The collection is now sold by their children who do not wish to keep it. I suggest you discover some of the most remarkable pieces of this set which has been perfectly preserved.


Lot 1: Rare gold, enamel and opal marquetry brooch, circa 1900. Signed René Lalique. Estimate $95,000-$135,000. Photo: Christie’slalique

Lot 10: A rare gold enamel and aquamarine centre “Chardon” corsage front. Signed René Lalique, circa 1899. From the Michel Perinet Gallery. Estimate $95,000-$135,000. Photo: Christie’slaliqueLot 14: A rare enameled gold, citrine and yellow sapphire brooch certified natural, untreated and from Sri Lanka (SSEF). Signed René Lalique, circa 1905, from the Michel Perinet Gallery. Estimate $75,000-$95,000. Photo: Christie’s


Lot 22: A rare enameled gold, diamond and natural sapphire centre ring, untreated and from Sri Lanka (SSEF). Signed René Lalique, circa 1900. Estimate $31,000-$36,000. Photo: Christie’s


Lot 26: A rare enameled gold pendant with glass elements “Framboise”. Signed René Lalique, 1902. Estimate $70,000-$90,000. Photo: Christie’s


Lot 44: A rare enameled gold and diamond pendant/pin. Signed René Lalique, circa 1906. From the Michel Perinet Gallery. Estimate $60,000-$80,000. Photo: Christie’s


Lot 45: A rare enameled gold, diamond and pearl necklace. Signed René Lalique, between 1899 and 1901, from the gallery of Michel Perinet. Estimate $90,000 to $130,000. Photo: Chritie’s

Lucien gaillard

Lot 64: A rare enameled gold, pearl and mother-of-pearl pendant. Signed Lucien Gaillard, circa 1900. Pieces by this jeweler are uncommon on the market, especially when they are so well preserved. Estimate $12,000-$15,000. Photo: Christie’s


Lot 71: A rare enameled gold, opal and pearl necklace signed Georges Fouquet, circa 1900. Estimate $120,000-$180,000. Photo: Christie’s

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