Platinum warranty hallmarks 4/5

May 24, 2014

I continue this series of articles on hallmarks with those concerning the guarantee of platinum. Indeed, with gold, it is a metal very used for the manufacture of jewels and moreover, more and more required. We thus look at, which are the punches which make it possible to recognize this metal and its title. As in the previous articles(titles, gold, silver), I will proceed from the highest title (999 ‰) to the lowest title (850 ‰).


The “Emperor Penguin” hallmark guarantees the platinum with the highest titer, 999 ‰. This title hallmark is only affixed by the Bureau de la Garantie in Paris and is almost exclusively found on newly produced ingots. And as with the other title hallmarks, there is no delegation possible. It is a hallmark which concerns only new articles.


This hallmark “Dog’s head – platinum 1st title” exists since 1994 (date, when, as you have noticed in the previous articles, the hallmark system was reformed). It is the title hallmark (thus affixed by the office of guarantee) which certifies the title most commonly used for the manufacture of jewellery, i.e. 950 ‰. Finally, this hallmark only concerns new items.


The hallmark I am presenting to you now is the so-called “Dog’s head – platinum 2nd title”. This title hallmark has been in existence since 1994 and it guarantees platinum at a title of 900 ‰. It is a title hallmark that I have more rarely seen used for jewellery, but it does happen sometimes. Finally, this one is only for new work.


This “Dog’s head – platinum 3rd title” hallmark has existed since 1994. It is the title hallmark (thus affixed by the office of guarantee) which certifies the platinum to the 850 ‰ title. Finally, this hallmark only concerns new items.


The simple “Dog’s head” hallmark, is the one for the small guarantee. This means that this hallmark is now affixed in most cases by the manufacturers themselves following the delegation of certification of precious metals. This hallmark, which has existed since 1994, guarantees platinum at a minimum of 850 ‰. For it can also be found on works with a higher title. It should also be noted that until 1994, there was a “dog’s head” hallmark which had been in force since 1919 and which guaranteed the title at 950 ‰ only. This hallmark, which only concerns new works, is therefore the most common hallmark on jewellery works.


The “Mascaron head” hallmark is the one used for second-hand jewellery, whether it is of French origin or of unknown/uncertain origin. This hallmark guarantees a minimum title of 850 ‰. Like the others, this hallmark, revised and corrected, exists since 1994.

There are no other hallmarks for platinum, the coins which would not present a legal title, whether they are new or old, must be automatically reported to the customs. They cannot claim the designation “platinum”.

I know that the subject of hallmarks is complex. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments, I will try to answer them.

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