#TAROT, exhibition at the Mazlo Gallery

May 19, 2023

#TAROT, here is an exhibition theme that could only please me. From April 15 to May 27, 2023, Galerie Mazlo invites visitors to immerse themselves in the imaginary world of tarot and to discover the work of some forty contemporary jewellery artists in the first part of an exhibition event. The second part of the exhibition will be on display from 9 September, so save the date in your diaries.

What is tarot?

Cards appeared in the Middle Ages and were probably brought back to the West by the Crusaders. Trionfi, it is under this name, around 1430, that the tarot is revealed in Northern Italy, somewhere between Milan and Florence. Trionfi means “triumph” and refers to the trumps, the cards that are also called major arcana and that make this deck so special. The original version has 16 additional cards that symbolise the Olympian gods. The tarot, as it is now played, has 22 cards.

Around 1500, the name of the game changed to Tarocco. If the name, nor its origin are not perfectly attested, an etymological lead would be the notion of discrepancy; because in this game, one must deduce the value of certain cards before placing them. But what makes a tarot deck special are those cards whose divinatory use has been known and documented since the mid-18th century.

For many people, the major cards or arcana are quite mysterious. The origin of these cards is somewhat obscure, although they are most certainly of Christian origin. The order of these cards tends to indicate an earthly journey of joy and trials, which ends in judgment. It is also worth noting that the tarot cards have been modified according to societal and religious developments. The Pope-Popess couple having disappeared/reappeared according to who was using the deck. Indeed, Catholics were reluctant to see a possible representation of the legend of Popess Joan in the deck, while Protestants laughed at the story.

Jana Machatova – The Emperor I – brooch – 2020. Photo: Jewellery by Mazlo

An exhibition event at Galerie Mazlo

The exhibition at Galerie Mazlo has its origins in a tarot deck specially designed by jeweller Robert Mazlo. This will be unveiled in September 2023 during the second part of the exhibition. At present, it is the series of jewels inspired by the major arcanas that is being exhibited on rue Guenégaud, along with the work of many contemporary artists who are regulars here: Zoe Arnold, Margit Jaeschke, Kaori Juzu and Marie Masson to name but a few.

Through the interpretation of the different cards by the invited artists, you will discover all the subtleties of a pack of cards that accompanies many people in their daily lives and in their intimate questioning. Whether the tarot is for you a simple game or a tool to guide your life, you will inevitably find a piece and a card that will speak to you more than another. I don’t know if you will see more clearly when you leave the exhibition but I can only hope that you will find some answers or, at least, avenues of reflection on the meaning of life and the perception of what a jewel can or should be…

Galerie Mazlo welcomes you with this event until 27 May. The exhibition is open on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 2pm to 7pm; also on Wednesdays and Thursdays by appointment. I personally enjoyed the exhibition and can only recommend that you visit it.

Georg Dobler – The World I – Necklace – 2020. Photo: Jewellery by Mazlo


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